Netflix : 4K Ultra HD | 4 Screens | 1 Month

৳ 350.00

Delivery: Email Delivery
Delivery Time: Within 24 hours after placing the order


*Change password after 1 week
**Do not add mobile number in the account.
***No Smart/Android TV.
****Read the description and ask your questions before you buy.


Netflix : 4K Ultra HD | 4 Screens | 1 Month

Ultra HD available

 Highest quality audio available

 4 Screens you can watch on at the same time

Watch on your laptop, phone and tablet

Unlimited movies and TV shows

Out of stock

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Important: Read everything and ask your questions before you buy.

If you miss a single step, your account will be banned and we will not provide replacement if it is your fault.

1)  Clear Data of netflix app by going to your Android setting >app manager>Netflix app>storage or clear data and cache
2) Uninstall the Netflix app
3) Then clear data of chrome and Restart Phone
4) Install Netflix
5) Login and Enjoy

1) Uninstal Netflix from ios
2) Clear safari chrome history cookies cache from browser
3) Restart phone
4) Wait for 1hr don’t do anything
5) Download Netflix app
6) Wait for 1hr again
7) Then login

1) Clear Cache + History
2) Clear all cookies, cache data from Chrome Browser and also from the browser you use.
3) Close Browser
4) Open Browser
5) To delete this data go to Chrome n press Crlt+H tab will open select all n delete all time data n history

No Smart/Android TV. If you use on tv then no replacement

Important Notice:
1) Use only in 4 devices and don’t change email or add phone number
2) You can change the password if you want
3) Follow all the above rules. If you follow all these rules then don’t worry about your account.

Change password after 1 week so that account do not block due to ip change beacuse the account you are logging in your country.


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